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MDEOptimiser is a tool that allows users to specific MDE optimisation problems through a simple DSL.

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Getting Started

Install the version of MDEOptimiser you would like to use from one of the Eclipse Update sites below.

Version Update Site

Installation steps

It is recommended to start from an Eclipse For Java and DSL Developers 2019-03 distribution. Currently, MDEOptimiser has been tested with Eclipse 2019-03 and Java 11.

First MDEO project

For a set of MDEO example projects please browse the Case Studies section of this website. The source code of the case studies can be browsed on and they can be imported as existing Eclipse projects.

To run the code for a case study:


Users can find the artifacts of the tutorial Henshin: A Model Transformation Language and its Use for Search-Based Model Optimisation in MDEOptimiser at this url.

Problems and bugs

If you think you found a bug, please raise a ticket on on the main tool repository here.

If you have any issues with running the tool or any other questions, please contact one of the authors: