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Automatic generation of atomic consistnecy preserving search operators

June 20, 2018 major

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of MDEOptimiser that includes a number of new features and improvements.

New features:

  • automatic generation of atomic consistency preserving search operators;
  • support for custom model initialisation;
  • automatic generation of pareto front charts for problems with two objectives;
  • serialisation of experiments output data in CSV format and space delimited objectives;
  • support for crossover operators;
  • support for mutation and crossover operator parameters;
  • support for running experiments in headless mode;

Many thanks to the following people for all their help during the development of this version of MDEOptimiser: Steffen Zschaler, Stefan John, Daniel Struber, Timo Kehrer.

MDEOptimiser public release

October 15, 2017 major

This is the first public release of MDEOptimiser.

Follow the instructions on the Description page to install this version of the tool.